Miss Saigon Cast

Other Cast

Best, Matthew
Bourree, Michael
Chase, Ashley
Cote, Josh
Cnossen, Taylor
Fowler, Travis
Galbraith, James
Gordy, Amber Perry
Hallgoweski, Morgan
Healey, Ricki
Irvine, Dylan
Kalmbach, Courtney
Kruger, Kyla
Lambert, Christina

Lougheed, Meagan
Mueller, Dylan
Niemi, Darby
Paananen, Heather
Presslee, Kerri
Quinn, Seanna
Reichert, Danielle
Scott, Melissa
Sheppard, Emily
Sheppard, Rebecca
Shultz, Milan
Voth, Kaitlin
Woodman, Jazlyn
Young, Brittany

Jeremy Walmsley, Lianne Perry, Simon Miron, Danielle St. Pierre, Stephen Cassell and Ken Perry appear with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.


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