Sleeping Beauty Kids Cast

Riley Cassell -Young Phillip
Jason Cheesman – King Hubert
Jeffrey Fernandez – Guard
Sharon S Fernandes – Maleficent
Cassidy Bazar – Flora
Madisyn Binks – Blather
Stephen Cassell – King Stephan
Ewald Fuchs – Guard
Macayla Hanmore – Pest
Ricki Healey – Stench
Maegan Lougheed – Fumpfel
Nikki Meeres – Merryweather
Seanna Quinn – Fauna
Kelsey Regnier – Specialty dancer
Danielle Reichert – Chorus
Jamie Tissington – Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)
Benjamin Urich – Prince Phillip
Maria Rose Walker – Queen Stephanie

Ken Perry, Lianne Perry and Jamie Tissington appear with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Ken Perry appears with the permission of Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists.

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